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Why to shop on INTERKOBO on-line platform?

Interkobo Sp. z o.o. has been in the market for over 22 years. It has been a leading  supplier of toy and sports items. We have always aimed at fulfilling our clients' expectations  and provided them with attractive goods just as well as a realible service. Our intention is to co-operate with clients and help them generate significant profits.   

  • We offer a wide assortment of items. Everyone will definitely find something attractive here.
  • We focus on the quality and safety of our goods. We want parents to feel secure and comfortable once they choose our items for their kids.
  • We make unit packages of our goods strong and durable. Our designers care about their modern style and the way they present our items to clients. Each unit package size has also been carefully analyzed to optimize the transport costs. 
  • We have been promoting our own brands for many years. Our goods are recognizable in the market and the client trusts us and our brands. 
  • We are a direct importer which makes us offer low and honest prices to our clients. 
  • We follow world  and local tendencies and make sure our goods are always trendy and on top. 
  • Our designers' mission is to create more than just a product. 

If you have not yet decided to start a co-operation with us we advise that you contact our Sales Department. We are definitely going to offer you very attractive conditions for our future co-operation.