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Can an individual place an order at the Interkobo's online toy order panel ? 

No. We only accept orders from business entities that have been verified and become registered clients to Interkobo Sp. z o.o. 

Why can't I log in after the registration form has been successfully filled in? 

We analyze and verify each registration form. It is only after it has been approved by the panel's administrator that a user can place orders and fully operate the panel's functions.

Can an order be placed without the registration ? 

No. Only registered users can place orders at the toy order panel. 

How to check the availability of goods at your Cash & Carry section ? 

We recommend that you make a direct phone call or fill in the contact form at the toy order panel.  

How to combine orders ?

We recommend that you contact our Sales Department by phone or send a contact form at the online toy order panel.

Can a personal collection order approved for further excution by Interkobo Sp. z o.o. be collected by some other person ? 

Yes. The recipient should hold a written authorization letter issued by the business entity, mentioned as a buyer on the invoice. 

How to get an invoice duplicate?

We suggest that you get in touch with a sales person who has been monitoring the execution of your order.

Can an invoice posting address be different than the delivery address?

Yes. During an order placement process you can indicate the delivery address to be different than your head office location. However, the original of the invoice will always be posted to the business entity's address mentioned as a buyer on the invoice. 

Can I get a separate invoice for each item in my order?

No. Only one invoice is issued to cover each order approved for further execution by Interkobo Sp. z o.o.

What is the delivery time?

Please read  Delivery Time.

Can products covered by one order be delivered to two different addresses? 

Yes. An order approved by Interkobo sp. z o.o for further execution can be split and delivered to different addresses yet each lot has to make a logistical minimum. You are advised to add the applicable instructions in Remarks area when completing your order. 

Can I return an order that has been approved by Interkobo sp. z o.o. for further execution? 

Please read  Complaints and Returns.

How to check the availability of an item that is unavailable at the moment?

We suggest that you use the function of "ask about availability" or contact our sales person by phone or mail a contact form at our online toy order panel .
Interkobo Sp. z o.o. 's online toy order panel operation system and glossary. 

Item search 
  • A browser helps find an item quickly. Enter one of the below features in a browser area :
    • product number
    • EAN code 
    • product name or a part of it
  • A browser will display matching items selected from the whole presented offer regardless the actually browsed category and applied filters. 

Category tree
Products can be browsed within a category, for example: girls, boys etc.

Browsing parameters

Interkobo's online toy order panel allows to reduce the exploration area by selecting one or more brands. The panel will display brands that are available only within a category selected by a user. 


There are 2 availability statements:
  • available - goods in stock
  • ask about availability - goods with limited availability
Suggested retail price
The price suggests the estimated retailer's cost ( gross price ).

Target age group

Battery operated toys

Batteries included in the unit package.
* in some cases batteries are only for a demonstration purpose. It requires a set of brand new batteries to activate all functions of a toy.

Unit package size
Each toy is measured in a unit package in the same way. This is to help you calculate the transport charge and plan the shelf space in the most efficient way. 

  • W x D x H
    • W - width
    • D - depth
    • H - height
* in case a foil bag with a header makes a unit package, its size is measured wihout any protruding elements and its carton position is taken into account. 

The weight of a toy in a unit package will help you calculate the transport charge from your shop to a client's place.

New Arrival
Attention! This is a new product in our offer !

Recommendation to products that sell very well. 


  • General functions
    • sound effects - a toy makes sounds
* not only battery function sounds 
    • musical effects - a toy makes sounds that constitute a song or a melody. 
* 99% result from battery functions, 1% - for example : a music box
    • light effects - a toy with light effect functions
* 99% result from battery functions.
    • other motor functions - a toy does not move but it includes moving parts.
    • English speaking -  a toy with an English language chip ( IC ) which makes sounds in English.
    • Polish speaking - a toy with a Polish language chip ( IC ) which makes sounds in Polish. 
    • try me - a unit box contruction and toy's functions that allow a user to operate its all or some of the available functions for a test.
    • vibtrations - a toy with vibration functions
    • with a charger -  a toy is equipped with a DC power supply or some other device to charge a product, for example a USB cable.
    • with a battery pack -  a toy with a power supply pack including rechargeable units.
    • magnetic toy -  a toy that includes and uses magnetic elements.
    • fragrance - a fragrant toy
  • Vehicle functions 
    • bump & go -  vehicles that move independently and do not require a child's engagement. Once an obstruction appears on the way, a vehicle will bounce from it and change the movement direction. 
    • friction - vehicles with a friction drive
    • driving in two directions- a vehicle moves either straight forward and backwards- no turning function available, or it moves forward and backwards archwise - no turning function available.  
    • driving in all directions-  a vehicle can move in all directions , forward and backwards. It can also turn right or left while driving. 
    • number of channels/frequencies- indicates frequencies that can be used to operate a remote control toy. If there is only one frequency available 2 kids cannot drive 2 vehicles at the same time. However if a product is available at 2 different frequencies then two or more kids can operate vehicles at the same time and organize a car racing competition.
    • pull back - a vehicle with a pull back drive. It requires being pulled back and then released . It will move on by itself. 
    • infra red control - a vehicle that is operated by an infrared system (IR - Infra Red). An infrared operating system allows a user to activate more functions than just driving. A control range is limited up to 10 m. 
    • radio control with a cable - an item operated by a radio with a cable. Items operated in this way are usually equipped with more functions than radio controlled products. They are a cheaper alternative to infrared control goods. 
    • radio control - a wireless radio control produt that can only be operated at one of the publicly released frequencies in Poland.
  • Game types
    • 3D -  games with a three-dimensional construction.
    • electronic - games that require a power supply
    • logical -  games with no random and physical element. Players' mental efficiency and accurate moves decide about who is going to win. 
    • board -a game that requires a board to play
    • strategic - a game with random elements just as well as strategic moves. A player's strategy will affect his/her chance to win the game. 
    • skill - it requires high skills to win a game where speed and action make the essence of it. Fast and efficient operating make a basic condition to become a winner. 
  • Functions of dolls
    • no hair (baby doll) -  dolls with no synthetic hair. These are mostly dolls that imitate a new born baby.
    • with hair - dolls with synthetic hair
    • walking  - a doll or an item is equipped with a mechanism that makes it walk. This function will refer to dolls in 95%, however there are still toys that walk yet they are not dolls.  
    • babbling (international) - a doll makes funny babbling sounds, easy to catch the meaning of in every language: ma -ma, da- da,ugh-ugh, ha-ha, etc.
    • soft body - an item with a soft corps part . This function will refer to dolls in 95% yet there are still other toys that go with a soft body. 
    • stiff body - an item with a stiff corps part.  This function will refer to dolls in 95% yet there are still other toys that go with a stiff body.  
    • painted eyes - a product with painted eyes. 
    • artificial eyes - a product with eyes set in a head, made of plastic material, immovable. 
    • moving eyes - a product with eyes set in a head, made of plastic material, movable, they close and open. 
    • drink & wet - a product with a water function.A doll can be fed with water and she will pee it later on. 
    • crying - a doll making crying sounds.
    • laughing - a doll making laughing sounds.


Your order may be given one of the following status levels:

  • New - new order that has not yet undergone any process of execution, awaiting to be executed or given up. 
  • approved for execution - an order approved for further execution, completely or partly. 
  • order under way - an order has been executed partly. Another part of it is still waiting to be proccessed. 
  • order shipped   - and order has been shipped to the client' place.
  • order fulfilled - an order has been collected by a client. 
  • order withheld – an order has been stopped for some reason and will not be processed until a discrepancy has been clarified.